No Insulin Sensitivity Improvement When Losing Weight With High Protein Diet


Research has already proven that protein helps to keep away hunger and maintain muscle tissue, and this is helpful to people who have just lost weight and are trying to keep it off. But it does come at a cost – high amounts of protein prevented a reduction in insulin resistance. Continue reading “No Insulin Sensitivity Improvement When Losing Weight With High Protein Diet”

Bitter Fruits and Vegetables Contain Greater Health Value

There is an effort to make fruits and vegetables taste sweeter. It seems as if food producers may be making them less healthy. One of the trends right now is cross-pollinating fruits and vegetables to improve the taste and make them less bitter. However, bitter taste is actually good for you.

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In this article, we are discussing this fact that fruits and vegetables which taste better have actually less health value.

Continue reading “Bitter Fruits and Vegetables Contain Greater Health Value”

BistroMD Helped Gretchen Fight Weight Gain after Chemotherapy

Gretchen_BistroMDBistroMD has been very helpful for me ever since I started on their meal plan, and the food they sent to my home. Usually I have no time to cook at home because of work, but I am also very particular regarding what I eat because I am a bit of a fitness freak. Before starting on BistroMD, I did a lot of research on its benefits. I know there are a lot of weight programs out there which do not do much for their subscribers, and I wanted to know that with this program I could have access to good food which would make my body healthy. Continue reading “BistroMD Helped Gretchen Fight Weight Gain after Chemotherapy”

How I Started with Nutrisystem – Stories that Inspired Me

As many other people today I too struggle with excess weight: maybe I’m not obese, after all I only have 25 extra lbs to lose to have the ideal weight, but the struggle to lose those pesky pounds has been long and hard for me. I’m currently in my fifth week on Nutrisystem and I can finally say I’m seeing some results!

When I first started the Nutrisystem diet I wasn’t too convinced it was going to work. I’ve tried changing my diet before, eating smaller meals more times per day, exercising with a personal trainer… you name it. But even when I lost weight it kept coming back, perhaps due to me being overly anxious person and when I get anxious I tend to overeat. Then of course I feel guilty about eating and anxious about my weight, so the circle just goes on and on. But I decided something has got to change in this vicious cycle, so the easiest thing that came to mind was losing weight. Continue reading “How I Started with Nutrisystem – Stories that Inspired Me”

How Erin Battled Weight Gain with BistroMD

Erin lost 25 pounds with BistroMD. She says she feels more energetic than when she was 25.

It was Erin’s story of success that pushed me to subscribe to BistroMD’s weight loss program. Erin is a woman who is 51 years of age. She and I belong to the same age group. For women, weight gain has always been a curse it seems. No matter what we eat, most of us start sporting pot bellies and lumpy thighs. A lot of us also tend to stress eat when work pressure and personal life become too difficult for us to handle. And finally, when we hit our menopause, the hormones in our body go haywire once again and our weight shoots up without check. Continue reading “How Erin Battled Weight Gain with BistroMD”