Best Bodybuilding Workout Carbohydrates that Do Not Make You Fat

In this article, we are going to speak about the best bodybuilding carbohydrates that will boost your energy for intense workouts, increase your exercise performance on one hand and will not raise you fat levels and your weight on the other.

The first step that you have to follow is to get around 80%-90% of your entire daily carb consumption from very slightly processed – ideally not processed at all – high-fiber sources. These kinds of foods are going to give you the fiber, the minerals, the vitamins and the vital nutrients that you need to achieve optimal health, muscle growth, fat loss and overall training performance.

Best bodybuilding carbs sources

There is an endless number of different options to choose from and in this article, we are giving just a small list of recommendations for you.

So, here is a list of healthy, ideal for the best bodybuilding workouts carbohydrate sources:

Fruits, Chickpeas, Whole grain cereals, Sweet Potato, Vegetables, Blueberries, Pita, Legumes, Oatmeal, Taro, Bananas, Pasta, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Low-fat Yogurt, Potatoes, Yams and Chestnuts.

Combine vegetables and fruits everyday

The second step and guideline that you have to practice in your daily nutritional program is that, from the above 80%-90%, try to get at least two portions of vegetables and one to two portions of fruits each day. If you want to eat more, that’s obviously fine. But, I wouldn’t suggest neglecting your vegetables and fruits because they are especially micro-nutrient dense and they’re really helping you to make sure that you’re fully meeting your nutritional needs for the day.

You can ultimately select any fruits or veggies that you personally like the most. You can base it on your own personal preference. Ideally, try to rotate some different sources in over the day and weeks, just so you are getting some good nutritional variety and also, you are not eating the exact same things every time.

For the last step, as long as you are getting that 80%-90% bulk of your total daily carbohydrate consumption from those nutritious higher fiber sources, then you can indulge a bit and fill the remainder with whatever carbs you prefer. So, if you want to have some cookies or some chocolate or some ice-cream, whatever it is, that’s fine. But, just make sure that it fits into your overall total for the day without going overboard. You can read more info about a well-balanced and healthy eating plan in

Fast acting carbs and slow acting carbs

As I mentioned before, the issue of fast-acting carbs versus slow acting carbs really is not something that you need to care about. As long as your fiber and your micronutrients requirements have already been satisfied up to this point, these so-called cheat foods are not going to negatively affect you. In terms of actual carbs, it’s all going to be Glucose in the end, anyway.

So, that’s really all there is to it. No need to overcomplicate it. Make sure to consume 80%-90% of your carb portions from Wholefoods which are as slightly-processed as possible. Get in at least two rations of vegetables and one to two rations of fruits every day. If you want, load up the remaining amount with whatever carb sources you prefer, with the condition that they are being tracked as part of your overall diet. Over here, you can make use of a discount for, an online store where you can buy the carbohydrates supplement that best meets your daily needs for increased energy.

This kind of method will assure you that your dietary requirements are fulfilled, in terms of fiber, minerals and vital nutrients. At the same time, this nutritional plan gives you the flexibility and opportunity to enjoy your favorite but unhealthy carb sources like cookies and cakes on a permanent basis without damaging your good and healthy dietary results.