BistroMD Food Menu: The Food is Good

What is it that makes BistroMD stand out among other diet delivery services? The food of course! When you register, the company’s dietitians plan a daily menu for you so that you enjoy real food that tastes great, while you lose weight. Whether you are a man or a woman, BistroMD has a menu that suits you best. Their plan aims at correcting your metabolism so that you don’t just lose weight but you keep it off. And if you are a diabetic, worry not! BistroMD foods are diabetic-safe, nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled so you know you are getting all your nutrients in the right amounts.

Let’s some of my favorite BistroMD breakfasts, lunches and dinners, which I believe you will like, too.

English Muffin with Egg, Turkey Sausage and Cheddar

English Muffin sausage BistroMD

A breakfast classic with a twist, this dish switches the sausage with a healthier turkey alternative which is combined with a whole egg and some cheddar cheese. These are then sandwiched in a whole wheat muffin that fills you up with fiber. At just 270 calories, the dish delivers protein and a healthy dose of carbohydrates for that much needed jolt to start your day.

Smoked Salmon Omelet

Smoked Salmon Omelet

This omelet is stuffed with a filling salmon fillet which has been smoked to perfection. Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, salmon is a perfect way to get your vitamins and start the day with a full stomach. At just 280 calories, the dish is lean but delivers a lot of protein.

7 Grain Waffles with Strawberry Compote

Waffles BistroMD

This aren’t your store-bought froze waffles; these waffles are made from seven grains that deliver you a healthy dose of fiber without hitting your waistline. Topped with beautiful strawberry compote, they will help you start the day with a spring in your step. The dish is paired with lean turkey sausages which combine at just 270 calories.

Brown and Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breast

Wild Rice Chicken BistroMD

Chicken is always a great choice for lean protein. I swear by it to give me my daily dose without any unnecessary fat. The rice and quinoa stuffing contains fiber which will fill you up for hours. The dish is accompanied with some greens and cauliflower which are loaded with vitamins and all of it for only 280 calories.

Beef Steak and Ale Stew

Beef Steak

A hearty offering, the beef steak is cooked just right and tossed in delicious gravy. The 270 calorie dish is finished with a side of garlic seasoned cauliflower and contains carrots, corn and parsnips to give you your daily helping of vegetables. This is one of my favorites because you rarely get a beef dish that is so lean.

Four Cheese Ravioli with Whole Green Beans

Four Cheese Ravioli

With the right seasoning, green beans are one of my favorite veggies and the garlic and black pepper seasoning is just perfect. The main draw, of course, is the delicate ravioli stuffed with cheese and covered in delicious three cheese tomato sauce. This dish is proof that cheese does not have to be heavy if used right and comes in at just 325 calories.

Turkey with Gravy and Cauliflower and Carrots

Turkey with Gravy

Turkey is best when smothered in rich gravy and this dish offers just that but at a very lean 280 calories. The side of cauliflower with garlic seasoning and carrots is a perfect accompaniment. Relive those filling thanksgiving meals without the guilt.

Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli and Peppers

Chicken Alfredo

A classic Italian dish made lean, this entree contains lean chicken smothered in a creamy white sauce. The linguine pasta delivers some much needed carbohydrates. As a lover of home cooked Italian dishes, this is one of my favorites and clocks in at only 370 calories.

Tilapia with Smoky Tomato Sauce


I always resisted my doctor’s suggestion of eating more fish until I found this dish. The hearty smoked tomato sauce is smothered over a tilapia fillet that is bursting with flavor. The omega-3 is recommended for better mental aptitude and the 280 calorie dish also delivers the right amount of protein.

Red Thai Chicken

Red Thai Chicken

If you are a fan of spicy food, then you will love this flavorful curried chicken entrée. The lime infused coconut milk based curry coats the lean chicken cubes. This 310 calorie dish comes with a side of healthy brown rice and some roasted vegetables.