BistroMD Helped Gretchen Fight Weight Gain after Chemotherapy

Gretchen_BistroMDBistroMD has been very helpful for me ever since I started on their meal plan, and the food they sent to my home. Usually I have no time to cook at home because of work, but I am also very particular regarding what I eat because I am a bit of a fitness freak. Before starting on BistroMD, I did a lot of research on its benefits. I know there are a lot of weight programs out there which do not do much for their subscribers, and I wanted to know that with this program I could have access to good food which would make my body healthy.

The results I found have been amazing. BistroMD recommends eating exciting dishes which have been prepared using ingredients that are high on protein, contained low glycemic carbs and packed with essential minerals and vitamins. A lot of people have been living a better life because of their diet. Medically, it is has been proven that the food prepared by BistroMD is top-notch, and it often helps to fight usual body complications. Take Gretchen for example (the lady in the photo). Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer of stage 3, she had gone through intense chemotheraphy sessions which had wreaked havoc on her body weight. She yo-yoed between 120 pounds and 148 pounds with only weeks in between. This had been putting more pressure on her body, until she decided to start on her special BistroMD diet.

The results have been spectacular. Not only did she lose 15 pounds easily, but she started to feel active and stronger again after her successful chemo. Also, while before BistroMD she would feel very weak and would not have enough energy to spend time in the kitchen to make healthy food, with BistroMD her life became much easier as she only had to warm up her meals in a matter of seconds before serving them hot. Today, she has a good work life, and a very happy demeanor overall. All of it has been possible because she could get back in shape and feel strong again. BistroMD’s nutritious diet made a difference in her life. Once I learned about Gretchen, I was more than willing to give this weight loss program a try and so far I have not been disappointed.

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