Bitter Fruits and Vegetables Contain Greater Health Value

There is an effort to make fruits and vegetables taste sweeter. It seems as if food producers may be making them less healthy. One of the trends right now is cross-pollinating fruits and vegetables to improve the taste and make them less bitter. However, bitter taste is actually good for you.

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In this article, we are discussing this fact that fruits and vegetables which taste better have actually less health value.

Why bitter fruits and vegetables are good for you?

Foods that have a bitter taste are great for our bodies and have a multitude of health benefits. They help with our liver detoxification system, they help with digestion and they help anti-cancer strength.

What bitter foods we should have in our diet?

bitter-vegetablesThere is a multitude of bitter fruits but the three that are in the top of the list are: Kale, Dandelion Greens and Chocolate in its rawest form. These three foods are full of antioxidants and they are so important for cancer prevention.

We have these free radical in our bodies bouncing around and causing all this damage. At this exact point, all the antioxidants come and neutralize all these free radical preventing this damage.

What are the best ways to cook these foods?

A good subject is about the best way to cook these foods to make them less bitter and more palatable. With regard to Kale, the best way to eat it is to have it just raw because you enjoy the anti-oxidants with this way.

However, you can put some healthy, low-fat, low-calories salad dressing in the Kale salad. In that way, you soften the Kale and you give it some nice taste.

What shoppers need to know when they buy fruits and vegetables?

bitter-fruits-and-vegetablesThere are some issues that are different today with regard the selection of fruits and vegetables. These days, there is a multitude of organic products in the grocery stores and there are studies which show that organic products have higher antioxidant content because of the way they are grown. So again, we stress here importance of cancer prevention that these products contain.

Also, we recommend that shoppers should be looking for local products because they have not traveled that far and they are usually picked when they are at the pick of their nutritional value.

What are some fruits and vegetables that are naturally sweet?

datesCertainly, there are sweet fruits and vegetables like Dates which are a great selection for desserts. Dates are high in fiber and therefore, they slow the digestion of sugar in your system. So, you do not get this huge spike followed by a crash and thus you may have this crave for more sugar afterwards.

With regard to Dandelions, a choice of roasted Dandelions is great as you can get delicious Lattes and Teas with them. They are delicious and they have awesome liver detox properties.