This is my health disclaimer – Readers please take notice!

The articles we write and publish in this blog are for entertaining purposes only. Of course, through our stories we want you to get motivated and inspired to achieve your own health goals. And we make sure that the information in this site is accurate and correct. However, we are not doctors. You shouldn’t interpret this information as medical advice. Do not take any action that relates to your health based solely on the content of Food and Community Fellows. If you face a healthy issue, please consult your physician or qualified medical professional. With this disclaimer I free myself of any responsibility for the consequences you may experience as a result of your actions based on the content of this site.


You have certainly noticed that in our articles we occasionally mention certain commercial weight loss programs or diet products. We are not currently affiliated with any of them. However, in the future we may receive compensation for writing certain product reviews or displaying sponsored ads. When we do so, we will make this clear by adding a note on the page where the sponsored ad or review is displayed.

How I fund this blog:

To pay for the hosting and content expenses of this blog, I am planning to offer my e-Books to my readers for a nominal fee. Sponsored ads are also a possibility, as already mentioned. Keep in mind, my goal is not to rip anybody off and have to deal with federal regulations. Rather, my goal is to help the community and share my passion.