How Erin Battled Weight Gain with BistroMD

Erin lost 25 pounds with BistroMD. She says she feels more energetic than when she was 25.

It was Erin’s story of success that pushed me to subscribe to BistroMD’s weight loss program. Erin is a woman who is 51 years of age. She and I belong to the same age group. For women, weight gain has always been a curse it seems. No matter what we eat, most of us start sporting pot bellies and lumpy thighs. A lot of us also tend to stress eat when work pressure and personal life become too difficult for us to handle. And finally, when we hit our menopause, the hormones in our body go haywire once again and our weight shoots up without check.

Having turned 50 recently, I am yet to experience the problems of menopause. But I have been quite scared of it since I am all too familiar with the hormonal imbalance, depression and weight gain which happen as a consequence. So when I read Erin’s story on BistroMD site, I started to feel better immediately. Erin is a hardworking woman who has lived on a farm for most of her life. Farm job requires intense physical labour, and Erin talked about how she was not in shape to even rake in hay because of her menopause!

She gained about 35 pounds and started to feel very low in self-confidence. She felt that she was unattractive, because she had been naturally thin and beautiful all her life. She went to the stores to get baggy clothes because she did not want to wear anything that would show her real shape. She wanted to hide her body and her relationship with her husband started to suffer. Her story was aired even on Dr. Phil as a guide to women who also battle with unsatisfying body image.

But finally, she struck gold with BistroMD’s weight loss program. She lost her 35 pounds of extra weight in only three months! She started to eat balanced food in low amounts so that she would not over consume. This helped her to get back in shape quickly, and now she is completely unaffected by her menopausal condition! This story has given me enormous amount of hope. I know that BistroMD will help me to live a healthy and happy lifestyle without losing a positive body image just because of my imminent menopausal condition. I am finally happy with a weight loss program that truly delivers what it promises.