How I Started with Nutrisystem – Stories that Inspired Me

As many other people today I too struggle with excess weight: maybe I’m not obese, after all I only have 25 extra lbs to lose to have the ideal weight, but the struggle to lose those pesky pounds has been long and hard for me. I’m currently in my fifth week on Nutrisystem and I can finally say I’m seeing some results!

When I first started the Nutrisystem diet I wasn’t too convinced it was going to work. I’ve tried changing my diet before, eating smaller meals more times per day, exercising with a personal trainer… you name it. But even when I lost weight it kept coming back, perhaps due to me being overly anxious person and when I get anxious I tend to overeat. Then of course I feel guilty about eating and anxious about my weight, so the circle just goes on and on. But I decided something has got to change in this vicious cycle, so the easiest thing that came to mind was losing weight.

I’ve done a lot of research on which weight loss method to choose and I decided on Nutrisystem not only because it taught me how to eat in a new way, but also because of the inspiring testimonials I would like to share with you, as well.

Jason Lost 249 lb

The story that touched me the most was about one guy, Jason, who was overly obese and managed to lose 249 pounds on Nutrisystem after his wife got pregnant with their second child and told him that she can’t handle the pregnancy alone. He was so fat he couldn’t do anything, but sit there on the couch and with this diet he managed to change his life completely. It was like looking two different people talk, him when he was overweight and now that he is average weight guy. I figured, if it helped him, then I should give it a shot too.

Of course, a lot more confidence in Nutrisystem came from the girls and women who were more like me, with extra 20 or so pounds, Arin, Audrey and Kathy. They were all invited to Nutrisystem promotional photoshoot to display their new weight and their honesty is what struck me the most.

Audrie Lost 27 lb

Audrie decided to join Nutrisystem the day she saw in a commercial this beautiful girl coming out of the pool, and for a moment she thought “I would like to be that woman”. Faithful to her call, she started Nutrisystem, and a few months later she was living her dream as Nutrisystem chose to show her story in a commercial, during which she was getting out of a pool!

Erin Lost 30 lb

Erin’s story is particularly inspiring to me. She said something along the lines “I never thought I’d start in a commercial and if I can do it so can you”. That bit got to me. Not that I want to star in the commercial, but the idea that everyone can lose weight.

Kathy Lost 41 lb

So I took inspiration from their stories and hope you will too. You can find more Nutrisystem success stories on Youtube of course. And so I started the Nutrisystem program. At first I didn’t really expect much. But, like the people from the stories said (and it turned out to be true) I started to lose constantly 1-2 lbs per week.

It’s not a fast weight loss by any means and I still have some 10 lbs to go down, but what is inspiring is that this program really does work and is not just an empty commercial. I can’t say I’ve tried other products like Herbalife, but if you have, please share your experience on different weight loss products and methods since your story too can inspire other people to start losing weight like it did for me.