Nutrisystem, BistroMD and a Spanish Brasserie – My Keys to a Happy Life in NYC!

I am a 44 year old single mother living in the New York City, along with my cute, young daughter. Living in the busiest and the most popular city on earth (most probably) has its perks, but they are far outweighed by the stress that comes from trying to maneuver through the numerous other daily struggles of life.

Waking up the daughter in morning in time for school, then, preparing breakfast, getting her ready, getting myself ready, driving her to the school and finally, driving myself to the office. Phew! No wonder, both of us mother and daughter cannot wait for the weekend, which is our only available escape from a manic life.

Anyway, I have not taken this opportunity to describe my everyday problems. Instead, I want to tell you about some of the best things that get me through my busy week. First, of course, is my daughter. Second, is my excellent diet (you cannot eat irresponsibly, and hope to stay energetic enough to get to the weekend sanely!). And finally, about Manzanilla. What or who is Manzanilla? Keep reading!

What is Manzanilla?

Manzanilla, is an awesome Spanish brasserie (French word for a semi-large, informal restaurant) located in the heart of NYC, that serves some of the best Spanish food and tapas! I named my site after this restaurant. It is one of the few places that me and my daughter frequent over the weekend. The man in charge of Manzanilla, chef Dani Garcia, hails from Spain and is an amazing cook and friend. Every time we are in his restaurant, he and restaurateur Yann de Rochefort,  personally make sure that my daughter and I have the best of times and food. Dani is a Michelin starred chef, and cooks some of the best Spanish dishes that are rooted in the ingredients and culture of Andalucía.

Did I tell you that I am half-Spanish? Well, I have now! And I must confess that my love for Manzanilla and its gourmet food, might be (ever so slightly) due to my Spanish roots. But it would be unfair, if you are judging this great restaurant on that account. Take my word, go visit Manzanilla Spanish brasserie this weekend with your kids; they will love the ambience and the gourmet dishes presented in a bistro-style menu. (Do not forget to try their Tuna Tartare, Lamb Shank and Suckling Pig, along with Full Moon Marbella for dessert!) Don’t blame me though, if they fall in love with Spanish cuisine and make you take them to Manzanilla every week!

What is Bistro MD?

I digress. Anyway, the other thing that I had mentioned earlier in my list, happens to be an excellent diet food program that I have been following for the last three years. It is called BistroMD food delivery, where I get fresh food delivered right at my home. What is so special about that, you ask? Well first of all it is not like “diet” food, and of course does not taste like one. Instead, what you get on ordering is some exquisite restaurant quality food, prepared by extraordinary chefs (they are extraordinary, trust me I have tasted the food. With over 200 different menu items, the BistroMD plan’s menu has ample choices suited to everybody’s taste and palate. More importantly though, my BistroMD diet is what allows me to visit Manzanilla so frequently and eat my favorite Spanish food, without any inhibitions. This is because I am on Bistro MD only 5 days a week. On weekends I enjoy my own food or I eat out in healthy restaurants.

So, we have explained so far that BistroMD is all about a weight loss program which is practically and effectively based on healthy and chef-prepared meals that are intended for delivery.  To complement this program, you have the opportunity to strengthen your weight loss endeavor with a massive variety of weight-loss and fat-loss supplement products that are available to you much cheaper from the original price with muscle and strength discount code. Now, you can choose from hundreds of on-line supplements that will help you burn fat, increase your energy and metabolism, trigger your thermogenesis, lose weight, control your appetite and ultimately support you to obtain a lean and ripped physique. All these, with new every week online deals that offer you substantial discounts and delivery at your own doorstep.

More about Bistro MD

Bistro MD is a chef-prepared, doctor-designed weight loss program, with over 200 unique entrées to choose from. Bistro MD provides a portion-controlled, nutrition rich, healthy diet to help promote weigh loss. It is also a home delivery service, where you get pre packaged meal delivered right at your door steps. So, all you have to do when you wake up or come home after a grueling day, is heat your package and eat it. The food quality is top class, and is nothing short of the quality gourmet dishes that are served in expensive restaurants. There are no boring salads or boiled peas that are served in a Bistro MD diet. Instead, you get over 150 gourmet dishes such as Beef Brisket with barbecue sauce, Pork tenderloin with Plum sauce, Roasted Norwegian Salmon and much more. Of course, there is always the option of ordering burgers, pizzas, pastas and various kinds of chocolates and cakes too!

Bistro MD weight loss program provides separate programs for men and women, plus special program for the diabetics and women undergoing menopause. You can enrol either in a 7 day program or a 5 day program, if you want to cook on the weekends. Although, both are very affordable plans, the 7-day program is the most economical, where you get 3 meals a day for an entire week at just $25 per day during the first week, and then at $28 for the following weeks. Whereas the 5-day program will cost you at $29 per day for the first week, and then about $33 per day in the following weeks. In case you want further discounts on these plans, you can find some very handy Bistro MD discount coupon codes on the Internet easily enough.

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BistroMD is for those who value convenience and taste. The $180 you pay each week for the food is not a trivial amount. But it’s worth it. Nutrisystem is much cheaper but the food is not gourmet. Speaking of Nutrisystem…

What is Nutrisystem?

An alternative to BistroMD for those who want to lose weight is Nutrisystem. Like BistroMD, Nutrisystem delivers food to your door. The difference is that Nutrisystem food is prepackaged mostly. While part of their menu options include bistro-like, sophisticated fresh frozen meals (they call it Nutrisystem Select), most meals are like the shelf-stable, microwavable type of meals that you find in the grocery store.  Of course, these meals are designed by weight loss experts to provide you with a balanced and healthy nutrition. And believe it or not, Nutrisystem menu also contains your favorite fast food items such as burgers, pastas, chilli, and even pizzas. Imagine eating burgers, pizzas and steak, without gaining any extra weight!

Nutrisystem Coupons

When you buy the Nutrisystem plan, you pay for 4-weeks worth of food. Did you know that you can earn further discounts, major discounts, even on these economical prices? There are several websites available on the Internet, that provide Nutrisystem coupons and Nutrisystem coupons promotional codes for free. Using these coupons and codes, you can easily avail discounts worth $50 or if lucky enough, get an entire week’s meal for free. Well, I don’t know about you, but these solid incentives are enough to make me enroll to the Nutrisystem diet food plan, two times over.

How Does Nutrisystem Diet Work?

The Nutrisystem diet is 100% healthy and you don’t have to worry about burning those extra calories you intake with the other regular meals. Based on an online analysis of your body, Nutrisystem devises a perfectly balanced diet that can fulfil the exact number of calories that your body requires to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, by following the Nutrisystem diet food program, you avoid any risk of overeating and can eliminate any possibilities of gaining weight All-in-all, here is what following a Nutrisystem diet entails:

  • Choose your favorite Nutrisystem diet food plan (Basic plan, Core plan, Nutrisystem Select program, Uniquely Yours plan, Vegetarian plan or Diabetic plan)
  • Customize your order (or use pre-set packages) for lunch, breakfast, dinner and dessert/snacks.
  • Get your chosen pre-packaged meal delivered at your home. (Frozen food are delivered as two separate weekly shipments)
  • Follow your Nutrisystem “diet” as religiously as you can.

Is it affordable though? Oh yes. I know what a headache managing monthly budget can be, being a single mom and all. And trust me, Nutrisystem diet food program actually happens to be less costly than the regular meals, that we have to prepare with so much effort and time every day. There are three diet food plans, that you can choose from:

  1. Basic Plan – Worth $9.29 per day, for 4 weeks. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts/Snacks.
  2. Core Plan – Worth $10.00 per day, for 4 weeks. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts/Snacks + Access to expert dietitians.
  3. Uniquely Yours Plan – Worth $12.14 per day, for 4 weeks. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts/Snacks + Option to order Frozen food.

There you go. Now, you tell me.

Where can I enjoy gourmet dishes in New York City tasting the nostalgic flavors of Spain? Manzanilla makes this possible.

Where can one get 3 restaurant-quality, chef-prepared, home-delivered meals 5 days a week when I want to take a break from cooking? BistroMD makes this possible.

And where can I get 5 small, nutrient packed, shelf-stable meals that I can carry with me, at $10 a day in New York City when I want to lose weight without cooking and counting calories? Nutrisystem makes this possible.

Well, that was all I could blurt out in this article for now. If you need a more solid proof about any of the things that I have mentioned, you are more than welcome to join me and my cute daughter for a weekend trip to Manzanilla, as well as to get a look at how Nutrisystem diet has allowed me to stay fit!